About the "Israel Society of Crop and Vegetable Sciences"

World agriculture is currently undergoing revolutionary changes. Agriculture is required to increase its outputs while using limited resources, improving crop quality, and meeting strict environmental standards. At the same time, rapid progress in the fields of bio-tech and hi-tech creates new opportunities for enhancing agricultural productivity and sustainability.

In agriculture, as in other fields, the creation and application of knowledge is a major driving force for advancement, efficiency and profitability. A vast amount of agricultural knowledge is continuously created and accumulated by organizations and individuals in Israel. The exchange of knowledge between those who deal in its creation and application enhances collaboration and advancement for the benefit of all parties involved in agriculture. In addition, advancement of agricultural knowledge enables the development of related industries.

Field and the vegetables crops play a major role in the Israeli agriculture with respect to cultivated area and economic importance. These crops are thought to be leaders relative to their parallels in many other countries by virtue of scientific infrastructure and readiness of the farmers to adopt innovations. Maintaining the vitality and economic stability of the Israeli field and vegetable crops industry requires a continuous effort to create and implement innovative knowledge. 
Recognizing the great challenges facing the agricultural industry, the importance of field and vegetable crops and the importance of exchanging knowledge for their advancement, we have established the "Israel Society of Crop and Vegetable Sciences".

The objectives of the society are as follows:
  1. Promote research and development in the areas of field and vegetable crops while considering the needs of the society
    and the environment in Israel and worldwide.
  2. Enhance the exchange of knowledge between all parties involved in various aspects related to field and vegetable
    crops (soil, water, plant protection, physiology, genetics, biotechnology, etc.).
  3. Create a platform for a continuous, multidisciplinary brain-storming related to innovations and future directions
    of field and vegetable crops.
  4. Fostering a young generation of professionals dedicated to field and vegetable crops.
  5. Enhance the interconnection between the Society and similar organizations in Israel and abroad.

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